Monday, January 4, 2010

Am I Back in the Saddle?

Let us just ignore the fact that it has been an age since my last post, shall we? My first year with this little blog has been hit and miss, but I do find a certain sense of comfort in knowing that it is here. A little place for my thoughts to rest. Unfortunately, it seems I haven't had many lately.

With the new year upon us, I am optimistic and hopeful that my tiny little corner of the blogosphere will become a more active place. I know that will make my mother happy. (Hi, Mom.)

Like the rest of you out there, I have been contemplating the multitude of possible New Year's Resolutions that I could make for 2010. How much weight to lose? How many books to read? How much to exercise? How much TV to cut out? How to be a better mom? How to be a better wife?

I've decided that my resolutions all boil down to one mega-resolution. For the year 2010, my resolution is ... to pay attention.

I figure that will cover everything from catching my almost 3 year old BEFORE she scribbles all over the couch with a Sharpie again to feeding my kids less fast-food; from hopefully gaining a little control over my health to gaining a little more control over my happiness.

With this resolution firmly in mind, I'm off to start the dishwasher and put myself to bed early. Starting small.


  1. That's a wonderful catch-all resolution, and I think I'll join you in resolving to pay attention. See you tomorrow!

  2. Mom's love the blogs. I agree with a simple approach to resolutions, they seem to work better. Happy New Year and hope you are well.