Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twenty Twelve

I've decided that for the year 2012, my goal is to learn something new each month. As I've been brainstorming all the different things I could learn, I've been humbled to realize how little I know. I'm not planning on learning anything big, like the French language for example, but I want to learn new skills that will either help my daily life or bring me joy.

For January, I've decided to learn how to use mint.com. Basically, this month will be about budgeting. I've learned how to make budgets many times, but I'm hoping that this time we'll actually stick to it. That's the goal for this month (and hopefully the year ahead, as well.)

Along with the fantastic Mint website, I'll be checking out as many personal finance books from our little town library as I can. I'll update my reading list for this month, and I'll also be working to make a list of other things to learn this year. Any suggestions?

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