Sunday, January 18, 2009


One of my favorite activities that I indulge in after my kids have gone to bed is blog-hopping. It's always fun to pick a blog, click on their links, and see where you end up. Recently, I took a delightful blog trip. Let's recount:

I started here, on my other blog. (Take a minute and have a peak, my kids are way more fun than me!)

From there, I headed over to my Hawaiian family's blog.... Sorry I just had a wistful moment imagining myself on a warm and sunny beach in Hawaii. Back to business.

That lead me over to my Mom's cousin's blog. When I was a kid, he and my mom and all their siblings would get together and spend hours just laughing and laughing. They would throw around words like "existential" and made me want to know what they meant. That group of grown-up cousins made me realize that smart and cool really go hand in hand.

And finally, I ended up on my second-cousin's blog. She's so Euro-fabulous. We would spend those summer days listening in on the grown-ups and trying to keep the bratty little brothers and sisters from cramping our style. Then we'd go and jump on the trampoline, 'cause nobody's too grown up for a good bounce! So Amelia, that's how I found you. So glad I did.

Come and visit us in New York next time you fly stateside!


  1. We will we will! My hubby is a NY Giants fan, and desperate to take a trip. As I was reading this post, I was reminded of the fantabulous play we put on using your grandparents garage as a stage (complete with garage door up and down at the end of the acts.) Do you remember this? Also I remember an excellent time had at the dorms at BYU. Ohhh the excitement. Rest assured I will now be a regular peruser of your blogs!

  2. Through blog hopping, I found some great friends who one married a boy we knew at BYU (remember Brad McDonald). I don't know these woman personally but they have become like close dear friends.