Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How did March get here so fast?

Somehow, another month has flown by. I always get to this point in the year and feel like life starts moving in fast-forward. March is always a hectic month at work, and equally hectic at home with two birthdays speeding toward me in the next three weeks. So, as I always do when I'm feeling slightly out of control, I will make a list.

Things I must do (and want to do) in March....
1. Plan "Olivia" daycare party for a 2 year old without driving myself to the point of self-critical insanity.
2. Plan & host a sleepover party for 8 year old girls without spending more money than our tax refund will allow.
3. Make 3 well-visit doctors appointments. This means not only being organized and planning ahead, but actually having all of the kids "well" at some point this month.
4. Start collecting boxes in anticipation of the big move -- but don't start packing them yet.
5. Do some "fun" reading. I just finished "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan." As much as I loved it, I need something a little bit lighter.
6. Plan primary music ahead of time so I'm not seething with resentment on Saturday nights.
7. Figure out what the strange smell coming from behind the washing machine is.
8. Stop taking a cookie after lunch every day.
9. Enjoy the company of good friends.
10. Take a picture to send into Cute Day. I try to have them, but documenting them is tough.
11. Sit down and plan out what needs to happen at work between now and June. I've checked out a bit and need to get my game on.
12. Dang it.... make a treat to send into Play Group tomorrow. Better run!

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